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Loop Nano Cross s1 9´ kl. 6 MF.
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The new Loop Cross S1 fly rod series is the single most important revolution to occur in fly fishing since we introduced the large arbor reel over 20 years ago. It?s that big.
If the large arbor provided revolutionary function that made the fly reel exponentially better, you won?t believe the difference Cross S1 construction makes with fly rods. We could write an entire book on the adventure that has led to the Cross S1 series of fly rods. We could look up and write down all the available superlatives that are yet unused by other manufacturers (not many left nowadays), but the only way to truly describe what we mean is to hand one to you and let you test for yourself. If there has ever been a time in our history of development of high-performance fly fishing gear where Loop merited a ?look? and a test from the fly fishing world, it is now.

Over a period of two years we have developed these fly rods where we used the new 3M? Powerlux? Composites. The result is amazing, the strength associated with the 3M? Powerlux? Composites generates a lightness and controllable elasticity that just must be experienced.

We have carefully restricted the inherent elasticity of the Loop Cross S1 so that the rod is working evenly over a much wider range than other fly rods. We have managed to make super-strong featherweight fly rods, with an emphasis on fishing where the rod is working with minimum vibration through an entire load range ? from close-in and out to even extreme distances. The design requires minimal input power where the rod does the job. It has never been so easy and taken so little effort to deliver precision loops at 10-meters or 30-meters while easily controlling the line or changing the pace of the cast.
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Loop Nano Cross S1 9´ kl. 6 MF

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